Coffee Lover • Accountant • Charmer

"Never interrupt your enemy while he's making a mistake.”

Updated as of: 11/15/22

  • Full Name: Sil'verah Karlan

  • Nicknames: "Sil", "Thav", "Verah"

  • Age: 32

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Nameday: 4th Astral Moon, 25th sun (7/25)

  • Race: Miqo'te (Seeker of the Sun)

  • Gender: Male

  • Marital Status: Taken, Open

  • Sexual Orientation: Demiromantic Pansexual/Polyamorous

  • Birthplace: Thavnair

  • Occupation: Director of Accounts and Finances for The Bel Canto Winery

Sil'verah is a mix of all things wonderful: charismatic, intelligent, charming, and passionate about anything he puts his mind to. While he tends to keep people at arm's length fore personal reasons, those who manage to get close to him are rewarded with a softer and much more relaxed side of him. He has quite the talent for fitting into any group he's placed in and finds himself to be the center of attention more often than naught. He has words that could make a hummingbird blush and a smile to rival the brightness of the sun, but behind it is a man still overcoming a dark past.NOTE: Certain elements of Sil'verah's story have been omitted from public view! This is to encourage others to uncover them through long-term character interaction!

RP Hooks

  • Need a book restored? Sil is a book preservationist in his spare time!

  • Book gone missing from your library? That was more than likely Sil's fault, especially if he's been at your place recently. He loves "liberating" books from other places and adding them to his growing collection.

  • To that end, Sil has QUITE the collection of books from a little bit of everywhere! Need some info? Sil more than likely has a book for it. (Or at least knows where to get one from)

  • Know or run a good coffee shop? You'll never be able to get rid of him, especially if you carry Ishgardian Vanilla Roast or any special Thavnairian blends.

  • Sil can often be spotted having lunch by himself at the Bismarck in Limsa Lominsa, more than likely locked into a good meal and an even better book! He never minds someone sitting with him to say hello!

  • Sil is FANTASTIC with numbers (a skill he picked up from managing his father's finances all these years), so he wouldn't mind advising you on your own finances.

  • If you've ever imported clothing or perfume from Thavnair, then there's a good chance it was made at the company Sil works for.

  • To touch on that previous point, a keen nose will always catch a whiff of how INCREDIBLE Sil smells. He usually wears a lavender scent, though it's not uncommon to catch him smelling like a fresh batch of coffee.

  • Sil is well-versed in many languages (for business purposes), and is happy to translate for others! Languages include Sign Language, Common Eorzean, Hannish, and Hingan!

  • As much as he tries to hide it, you can still hear a slight Thavnairian accent from the man...

  • If you happened to know the stoic, lonely man he used to be in Thavnair, you'll notice that certain features about his appearance are...different somehow.

  • WILD CARD! Sil is malleable to any situation and if these hooks don't fit the bill, I'm always happy to discuss!

Trish || She/They || 30↑

Knock knock? Who's there? It's your friend, Trish, and she's always gonna be there for you.

Howdy, frens, and thank you for checking out my charismatic coffee king! Feel free to read on below for the OOC notes that you knew were coming! (These will get updated as more comes to mind!)

  • I'm on Pacific time! I am free most weeknights and weekends, just ask!

  • Walk-ups and tells are welcome and very much encouraged! I have a separate tab for tells in-game so I don't miss them!

  • Outside of RP, I LOVE doing PvE content, so feel free to ask!

  • Please keep IC and OOC separate! IC feelings/behaviors do not reflect personal feelings with RP partners!

  • If you're not feeling the RP anymore or if Sil does something that makes you uncomfortable, PLEASE COMMUNICATE no matter what! Our mutual comfort is much more important than immersion!

  • I’m very versatile and can do both in-game and discord RP! (Though Discord is preferred and is available upon request!!)

  • Amount =/= quality! I'm fine with anything from one-liners to multi-para! I write as much as I need to, and you're free to go at a pace that's comfortable for you! ♥

  • I’m open to anything! Long term story arcs, dark/horror themes, action, adventure, performances, casual/slice of life, you name it, I’m there! I will NOT, however, do anything that involves random ERP, non-con/dub-con, dismemberment, abuse, and permanent character death. Because of this, I ask that mun and muse be 21+! NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • I take the time to respect the fact that you have a life outside of RP and FFXIV. The ideal partner is patient, flexible, and can give me that same respect in return.

  • I like to know my writing partner. This isn’t always necessary, and if you’re not the sort of person who tries to get chummy with their roleplaying buddies that’s absolutely fine. However, in my experience, the plots and characters that last the longest are the ones with the players that I can message with an idea without feeling like I’m bothering them.